Événement – « Moving Kinship Digital Hub » – 27 janvier 2022

Appel à participation pour l’itération inaugural de Moving Kinship, en ligne, 27 janvier 2022

« This is a call to participate in the inaugural iteration of Moving Kinship in collaboration with Beatrice Allegranti Company and LGBTQ+ Music Study Group. Facilitated by Beatrice Allegranti who brings her unique experience as choreographer, filmmaker and psychotherapist, you are invited to re-imagine social and environmental perceptions in collective, embodied and more-than-human ways. Participation is free and fully supported by Arts Council England.

What is Moving Kinship?

Moving Kinship is both a transdisciplinary research project and a form of embodied activism that takes place in the UK and international Hubs. The project involves creating bespoke live and digital performances for diverse audiences as a way of bearing witness to issues of loss, vulnerability, othering, care and hope, that chime with the global pandemic and ecological mourning. »

Date limite de soumission : 12 janvier 2022.

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