Séminaire – « British Audio-Visual Research Network’s Virtual Colloquia series » – 7 octobre-9 décembre 2021

Séminaire virtuel du British Audio-Visual Research Network, en ligne, 7 octobre-9 décembre 2021

« We are delighted to announce the programme for the British Audio-Visual Research Network’s Virtual Colloquia series, featuring research talks from leading screen music academics and interviews with screen composers. »

Programme : 

  • 28 octobre 2021, « Audience Experience in Film-with-Live-Orchestra Concerts. Towards a Theory of a Liveness », Sureshkumar P. Sekar et « ‘Do you hear the people sing?’. Live singing in Tom Hooper’s Les Misérables », Daniele Peraro 
  • 4 novembre 2021, « ‘Si No Te Hubieras Ido’. The Queer Latencies of the Cantina Song », Juan Llamas-Rodriguez et « ‘That’s How You Know He’s Your Love’. The Male Singing Voice and Disney’s (Re)interpretation of the Male Romantic Lead », Maria Behrendt
  • 11 novembre 2021, « Don’t Just Look, Listen. How Bernard Herrmann Composed Cindy Sherman and Alfred Hitchcock’s Blonde Archetype », Kristin Brews et « Reimagining the art of listening. Soundscape design paired with photography », Madison Miller
  • 18 novembre 2021, « ‘Would that it were so simple’. Genre, diegesis, authenticity, and post-classical scoring in the music of Hail Caesar ! », David Ireland et « ‘I want this to be different; our different’. Music of Love and Despair in Ammonite (2020) and Portrait of a Lady On Fire (2019) », Jacy Pedersen et Caitlan Truelove
  • 25 novembre 2021, BARN networking/social event (Airmeet)
  • 2 décembre 2021, « The weight of waves. Sound-image, diegesis, and dissonance in Atlantics », Kyna Morgan et « Inclusive listening: considering the sound/image synergy of an object for audio-visual composition », Alessia Anastassopulos
  • 9 décembre 2021, Interview with Tony award-nominated composer Alex Baranowski

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