Appel de conférences – « Musical Exoticism in the Long Nineteenth-Century (1789-1918) » – 6 février 2022

Appel de conférences pour le symposium « Musical Exoticism in the Long Nineteenth-Century (1789-1918) », Centro Studi Opera Omnia Luigi Boccherini, 12-14 mai 2022

« The sound image of the otherness has been a continuous source of inspiration for Western music. The interest in ethnic – Arabs, Moors, Gypsies or Jews – and geographical otherness – Turkey, Egypt, Orient or Spain – discovered new worlds with unfamiliar musical traditions that became exotic to Westerners. From Mozart to Falla, the composers’ intent to recreate/assimilate these exotic traditions generated an extensive repertoire of paradigms in the long nineteenth century that tried to conduct the listener beyond into another world. The analysis of this corpus also provides a deep and comprehensive approach to contemporary musical culture in dialogue with literature and figurative arts.

This conference explores the concept of musical exoticism in a broader sense, revisiting the two Locke’s patterns: the ‘Exotic-Style Only’ and ‘All the Music in Full Context’ paradigms, also considering the analysis not only of the musical creation’s cultural and political contexts but also of the various exotic repertoires and their critical reception. »

Date limite de soumission : 6 février 2022

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