Appel de conférences – « Principles of Music Composing. Phenomenon of Teleology » – 1er septembre 2020

Appel de conférences pour la 20th International Music Theory Conference « Principles of Music Composing. Phenomenon of Teleology », Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius, Lituanie, 18-20 novembre 2020.

« Teleology embraces the phenomena that each sort of processual art deals with: the way a work evolves over time. In other words, it focuses on the final goal or purpose (Greek telos meaning “end, purpose”) as well as the course towards that goal (Heinrich Schenker). The Western music tradition has established musical forms implementing paradigmatic models of particular teleological strategies (sonata form as a pinnacle of this trend of thought), often approaching the final cadence as a complete fulfilment of a persistently pursued goal. However, evolving trajectories may seem not so obvious when we step out this conventional mental framework and face the cases of non-Western tradition or compositional inventions of the 20th –21st centuries. Static, meditative, monolithic, drone, minimalistic, instant, aleatoric musical iterations seem to, at least partly, evade a clearly defined, commonly identifiable telos.

So, what can actually serve as impetus to propel the processual flow of music? What types of developmental strategies are feasible in the light of plural cultural and ideological co-existence of the 21st century? What basis substantiates the widely established or alternative developmental models? These and more teleological issues will be thoroughly addressed in the conference “Principles of Music Composing: Phenomenon of Teleology”. »

Date limite de soumission : 1er septembre 2020.

Envoyer un résumé en anglais de 500 mots maximum (présentation de 20-25 min), ainsi qu’une note biographique à

Avis d’acceptation : mi-septembre 2020.

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