Colloque – « Hymns and Race. Agency, Mobility, Coloniality » – 22 octobre 2021

Journée d’étude « Hymns and Race. Agency, Mobility, Coloniality », en ligne, 22 octobre 2021

Organisateur : Birckbeck Centre for Nineteenth Century Studies. 

« The rise of discussions in 2020–2021 around decolonisation and Black Lives Matter have provided an opportunity to re-examine musical genres in light of questions about race, identity and colonial history. The genre of the hymn, in particular, is ripe for these kinds of decolonial reassessments, as the spiritual, theological and communal aspects of hymn singing, in line with the genre’s history of several centuries of global missionization (most notably through the long nineteenth century), have rendered it particularly open to questions of agency, mobility and de/coloniality.

This virtual study day welcomes both local and global discussions around the genre of the hymn as a product of empire, as means of individual and communal expression, and as an aesthetic form of oppression and/or resistance. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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