Appel à contributions – « Music & Faith » – 22 juin 2021

Appel à contribution de la revue SEM Student News pour le vol. 17, no 1 (printemps-été 2021), « Music & Faith ».

« While there are many resources that explore the powerful and important interactions between music and religious practice, we seek to open up this issue to expressions of faith and faith-based practice that occur both within and outside of religious contexts, encompassing a broad field of investment, belief, meditation/mindfulness and ethics. Possible topics for submissions include:

  • Music-making as a practice of embodied faith in self, other, shared community, philosophy or higher power;
  • Faith in structures, collaborators, mentors and fields of study;
  • Faith in/trust of academia, students and teaching strategies;
  • Defining and circumscribing musical expression in religious/faith-based practice;
  • Dynamics between faith communities and music;
  • Faithfulness in musical reproduction/performance. »

Date limite de soumission : 25 juin 2021.

Pour plus d’informations, consultez la page Facebook de la revue.

Image : WolfWolfWolf sur Pixabay.

ISSN : 2368-7061
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